Apicoectomy :

An Apicoectomy, or Root-End Resection, is the removal of the root tip and the surrounding infected tissue of an abscessed tooth. This procedure may be necessary when inflammation and infection persists in the area around the root tip after root canal therapy or root canal retreatment. 

Step 1 :
After the tooth is "numbed", the gum is reflected (lifted) to uncover the underlying bone and the root end of the tooth. The root-end is resected (removed) with all the surrounding infected tissue.

Step 2 :
A root-end filling is placed to seal the end of the root canal, the gum is repositioned, and a few dissolvable sutures (stitches) are placed to hold the gum tissue back in its place until healing occurs.

Step 3 :
After a few months, the bone around the root-end has healed, and all symptoms are gone.


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Cyst Enucleation :

Dental cysts are growths in the mouth that occur due to infection, disease of the gum tissue or an infection in the pulp chambers of teeth. All cysts must be removed to prevent structural damage to the teeth.