We are very serious about our sterilization and disinfection protocols. Our clinic is equipped with a centralized sterilization room which has Class B front loading vacuum autoclaves, Ultrasonic cleaners, Water distillation units, Glass bead sterilizers and Cold Sterilization solutions. All our instruments are packed in tamper proof pouches and stored in Ultra Violet Chambers till they are ready to be used for a patient. Such high standards of sterilization protocols prevent the transmission of communicable and life threatening diseases from one patient to another. We Use Disposable Items such as Surgical Caps, Gowns, Gloves, Masks, Glasses, Patient Bibs, etc for the safety of our patients.


A varied number of excellent, high-end equipments are used at Denticare Dental Care Centre to ensure patient safety and comfort thus providing quality work that is par excellence! We have top of the line fully automatic and digital dental chairs with fiber optic connections and built in torque control motors with a world class disinfection system. We have high definition Intra-oral cameras on each chair with a LCD screen, a Laser unit and a Cautery unit for soft tissue surgeries, a Piezo-surgical unit for hard tissue surgeries, an OPG machine for full mouth x-ray, Digital Intra oral X-rays (RVG) in each operatory, Endodontic motors, Light Cure units, Multiple Dental Implants related surgical kits and all the latest dental equipment dentistry has to offer.