I had my upper jaw broken in a mugging and had a lot of other collateral damage in my mouth plus some 30 year old prosthetics. Dr.Heena rebuilt everything including bone transplants to be able to implant new teeth, absolutely brilliant job.

-  Kevin Chapman , Surat, Gujarat

I am very happy with the team at Denticare. They treat their patients very well and they have a good staff

-  Dr.Malvika Mehta , Surat, Gujarat

I have been coming to Denticare for the past 15 years and I have a lot of confidence on denticare and there doctors

-  Kajal Jalan , Surat, Gujarat

I have got full Mouth Implants done at Denticare and I am very satisfied with the outcome.

-  Mrs. Sudarshan Jain , Surat, Gujarat

I have Been coming to Denticare for many years along with my family for all my dental treatments.

-  Bindya Punjabi , Surat, Gujarat

Denticare has a very experienced staff and I am very happy with their work

-  Tejal Rajpara , Australia

I came to Denticare in 2009 to get caps on all my teeth and then I came back in 2018 and everything is fine till now

-  Rishi Bhakta , USA

Everything from start till finish has been in one word “WONDERFUL” I am over satisfied with the multiple implant supported hybrid denture treatment I received at DentiCare. Very friendly and professional staff. When I saw the before and after pictures of my mouth I could not “Believe” it. It looks so natural and feels so good. Thank you all so much.

-  Indira Patel , Mumbai

Modern, state of art facilities and equipments. World class infrastucture. Professional staff with attention to detail and the doctor explained the procedure step by step. No problem getting appointments at required time slots. Can recommend DentiCare without hesitation.

-  William Smith , USA

I had my multiple root canals,crowns and bridges prosthesis and implant placement treatment at DentiCare.. I read the reviews given here and visited the doctor. I am very much satisfied with the treatment given by Dr. Parita shah. I would say that this clinic is better than any other dental care in every way. Thanks a lot.

-  Atul V Patel , Surat

Excellent, excellent treatment. The whole staff at DentiCare is awesome. Top class service and world class result. You guys were amazing. I would happily recommend DentiCare to anyone. Thank you very much.

-  Nirupa Gandhi , Mumbai

I had my direct sinus augmentation and implant placement treatment at DentiCare. Dr. Abhishek Shah is very highly skilled,polite and a true gentleman. The visitations and the operations was also very affordable as well.The hygiene of the clinic is par excellence .So it is really worth the trip to the Dentist.

-  Suryakant Kandarp , Billimora

I am delighted. Dr.Heena shah has done an excellent job. I got my clear aligners to correct my teeth position . The atmosphere at DentiCare is very comfortable. I am happy with the treatment I received. Thank you very much.

-  David Holmes , UK

I had a problem of multiple mobile teeth and bleeding gums. People around me suggested Denticare dental clinic. Dr. Abhishek Shah did my treatment. Also I had my implant treatment there. I am very happy that such a highly interactive dental clinic is available downtown and I am very happy with the result..Its nice the Doctor is internationally trained in many countries with vast experience.

-  Pooja Sarawat , Pune

I consulted Dr Chandresh Shah for teeth whiteing and root canal treatment. I am fortunate to get a wonderful doctor who has loads of patience and in fact at every stage he explained to us in detail the treatment plan every time we visit him. He gave us a patient hearing when we faced problems and assured us of his full cooperation. He is perfect in his work and I would strongly recommend him to my contacts.

-  Norman Taggart Hampshire , Canada

I needed braces treatment to correct the position of my teeth. I got the treatment done at Denticare and I am extremely happy with the result

-  Bhupesh Bhagwan , Surat

Me and my family were very reluctant to undergo my dental treatment, but I must say I now have no regrets whatsoever. My kids needed multiple fillings and the dentists at Denticare did a wonderful job at treating them. They are specially trained in treating children I would strongly recommend them.

-  Keyur Mehta , Melbourne, Australia