A veneer is a thin coating that is placed over the outer surface of a visible tooth that is generally used to improve its appearance, although occasionally to provide protection to the tooth surface.

Types of Veneers :

Direct Veneers
Indirect Veneers

Direct Veneers :

A direct veneer is built up over the tooth surface by hand. It is most commonly done using tooth coloured composite resin.Direct veneers are a more simple procedure, and are generally done in a single appointment. They are less expensive but do tend to deteriorate more quickly and rarely get the high level of aesthetics that indirect veneers achieve.


Indirect Veneers : 
An indirect veneer is made in a dental laboratory and is generally constructed from porcelain.Indirect veneers usually require two appointments. The first is when the preparation and impressions are done; the second is when the veneer is fitted.They are more expensive as compared to direct veneers and their life is also more as compared to direct veneers.

Both types of veneer usually involve some reduction being made in the enamel surface of the tooth in order to create room for them. 

Veneers can greatly improve the appearance of a person’s teeth, making them more uniform, changing their colour and size. However they do generally require tooth preparation meaning that they are not a reversible procedure.

At the DentiCare Dental Care Center the dentists have much experience in veneering teeth and can provide expert advice on their usage.